Mass in August

We will be celebrating mass in August at 10:30h, as allowed per the Catalan Government.
Please see our Facebook page for readings and more information.

To protect the Church, our Priest and the congregation we need to follow a set of guidelines:

1. Wear Masks when entering the Church and throughout the Mass.
2. Wearing gloves is also recommended.
3. Please only attend if you remain healthy (no fever, persistent coughing or other known symptoms of COVID-19)
4. Maintain Social Distancing throughout the Massa. One Family or two individuals per pew. For individuals they should sit 2 meters (or 6 feet) apart)b. Keep 2 pews distance between families/individuals
5. Communiona. During Communion, please maintain 2 Meters/6 Feet between people. Only remove your mask at the time of consuming the host during Communion.b. Communion will be offered by hand only and not directly to the mouth.c. For Parishioners who do not receive Communion, a blessing will be offered by prayer rather than by physical touch.
6. Other Key Areas
a. Collection: Baskets should not be passed from person to person. We will offer collection points (e.g. boxes) suitable for the faithful to drop in their offerings.
b. Holy Water and Baptismal fonts remain empty.
c. Any Greetings, Sign of Peace should be conducted with a wave, smile, or head nod.d. At this time, we will not have Coffee sharing after mass.God Bless,Father John and Michelle

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