Father John

Please continue to pray for Father John as he recovers from surgery on his wrist.
Today there is a bilingual mass at 12:30h for those who are interested in attending.
We hope to be back to normal on Sunday, 1st of March at 10 : 30h.
Follow our Facebook page for updates.

Summer Holidays

We hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season.
Unfortunately our English masses will NOT resume until Sunday, October 6th at 10:30h. Father John is currently resting and rehabbing after breaking his hip and wrist this summer. He is doing well and will see everyone in October.

16 December 2018 : Announcement

We are now using our new Hymnals!  Thank you so much for all your contributions!

There is Sunday school and First Communion classes today!  Please come up to the front to meet your teachers Yolanda and Bronagh.

Christmas Eve mass will be at 20:30h.

3 November 2018 : Announcement

  • Sunday School : On Sunday, November 11th there will be 1stCommunion and Sunday school classes.  Please see Bronagh and Yolanda with any questions!
  • Hymnal Campaign  : Our music hymnals have dwindled over the years. We are in the process of replacing them with 100 paperback music hymnals for the congregation and 3 hard-covered music books (with musical accompaniment) for the choir and organist (https://www.decanimusic.co.uk/product/laudate-pew-edition-revised/).  We are asking for donations from the congregation to help fund these books. Please see Fiona or Elena after mass if you are able to contribute or donate with a credit card or Paypal using this link: https://gogetfunding.com/catholic-mass-barcelona-campaign-for-new-music-hymnals/.

CME Potluck

Thank you to all who organized, helped and participated in the CME Potluck! Sharing food together is a great way to strengthen our faith. It was a lovely opportunity to catch up with our fellow CME members and try some super delicious food! The mix of cultures and countries inspired some amazing dishes! Here are a few photos from the day….








9 September 2018 : Announcement