We are a dynamic community of English speaking individuals and families. Our Catholic mass meets every Sunday throughout the year, except for the month of August. We offer Sunday school for the children and a range of activities for adults. Whether you are travellling through Barcelona or call it your home, please come join us!


Nearly 45 years ago our little community of
Catholic Mass in English (CME) was born.
It was founded by two current parishioners, Anne and her husband Jose.
Although the venue and many other things have changed,
the love and acceptance that they brought to the community remain.

Five years ago Michelle and Brian and their family joined the church.
They fell in love with the people and the spirit of the community.
They grew the church by adding a Facebook page, growing the choir,
and modernizing the mass.
All of this wouldn’t be possible without our spiritual leader, Father John.
A Chicago native, Father John brings an enthusiasm and unconditional love
to the church that is felt by all who attend.
We are blessed that he calls Barcelona home and leads us on our religous journey.
Come join us and see for yourself.


Summer Holidays

We hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season.Unfortunately our English masses will NOT resume until Sunday, October 6th at 10:30h. Father John is currently resting and rehabbing after breaking his hip and wrist this summer. He is doing well and will see everyone in October.

CME Potluck

Thank you to all who organized, helped and participated in the CME Potluck! Sharing food together is a great way to strengthen our faith. It was a lovely opportunity to catch up with our fellow CME members and try some super delicious food! The mix of cultures and countries inspired some amazing dishes! Here are …



Parroquia de Maria Reina.
Avinguda d’Esplugues, 103
Barcelona, Spain

BUS STOP: Av d’Esplugues Abadessa Olzet

The church is located on top of a hill, behind iron gates (near the gas station). There is limited car parking on the streets behind the church.

Mass every Sunday at 10:30am
(except during August)